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Friday, November 6, 2015

Deluxe Contemporary Apartment with Gold Decorations

Deluxe Contemporary Apartment with Gold Decorations - The Triumph Place Apartment is a luxurious contemporary apartment with luxurious decorations with gold color. The Russian architect Alexey Nikolashin has designed the interior of the 57th story apartment in Moscow, Russia. The apartment is dominated with white color wood furniture, with touches of gold color that looks glamour. This apartment is also completed with room for working and spacious living space.

The living space of the contemporary apartment interior uses curved white sofa with two metal tables, completed with an integrated TV on the yellow wood cupboard. Besides, there is also another cupboard for the decorations. Near this space, you will find the dining room that is combined with the kitchen, dominated with white color with a dark wood cupboard and a stainless steel integrated oven. There is also an abstract-shaped hanging lamp above the glass dining table. Near it, you can also find a wood plank with some stools.

The working room is placed in a white-walled room with ceiling-height windows, covered with white curtain and glass wall with a glass door on the centre. Inside, you can work on the glass table with a curve-legged chair or relax yourself in a curvy daybed. To bright the room at night, you can turn on the table lamp or the white standing lamp. If you want a closed space, you can also work in one of the bedrooms that consist of the round bed with white table and a golden chair on the corner.

To make the apartment looks more glamour and elegant, there are some decorations placed on the rooms. On the living space, you can see some gold statues and bottles. On the working room, you can find a potted small tree with some empty curved pots. There are also some potted flowers on the dining space. You can also see contemporary apartment interior decoration on the bedroom that uses golden candleholder.

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